Why Choose VoIP for Your Business?


With clear cut advantages, compelling features and indisputable market trends and statistics, it is difficult to draw any other conclusion. Hosted IP PBX is more than likely the best option for many organizations looking to deploy VoIP or that need to replace or augment their current telephone system.  It is not surprising that other types of centralized, hosted services have also gained widespread acceptance and deployment as they share many of the same advantages over legacy services.  These services include: Hosted Microsoft Exchange for email, Managed Security Services, Audio/Web/Video conferencing and Software as a Service applications from Oracle, Salesforce.com, and Microsoft.

Among U.S. enterprises, defined as firms with 500 or more employees, spending on hosted IP Telephony will grow at an average rate of 27 percent, which is almost two times faster than the average increase among U.S. SMBs (firms with fewer than 500 employees).

Source: InfoTrack


Assuming the easy decision has already been made to deploy VoIP, there are additional compelling advantages to move forward with a hosted solution including:

  • Productivity enhancement
  • Mobility features / Anywhere access
  • Convenience and simplicity of use
  • Reliability, disaster and disruption readiness
  • Integration with new applications
  • Future prooἀng from obsolescence
  • Reduced operating expenses

Of course, like any other critical decision, there are various conditions that may affect the above.  Intelecom can help you evaluate your VoIP opportunities, challenges and threats.  If these discussion points  make sense or are intriguing to you, contact us to find out how we can assist.